Tony Kanaan - Overall Start/Finish Positions (Class Positions Not Shown)
Race#Event NameDateTrackStartFinish
1Homestead3/3/96Homestead-Miami Speedway910
2Long Beach4/14/96Streets of Long Beach32
3Nazareth4/28/96Nazareth Speedway1112R
4Michigan5/25/96Michigan International Speedway417R
5Milwaukee6/2/96The Milwaukee Mile147
6Belle Isle6/9/96The Raceway on Belle Isle Park51
7Portland6/23/96Portland International Raceway15
8Cleveland6/30/96Burke Lakefront Airport, Cleveland319R
9Toronto7/14/96Exhibition Place, Toronto424R
10Grand Prix Player's de Trois-Rivieres8/4/96Circuit Trois-Rivieres22
11Vancouver9/1/96Concord Pacific Place, Vancouver62
12Laguna Seca9/8/96Laguna Seca Raceway11
Race#Event NameDateTrackStartFinish
1Homestead3/2/97Homestead-Miami Speedway106
2Long Beach4/13/97Streets of Long Beach85
3Nazareth4/27/97Nazareth Speedway105
4Dixie Crystals Grand Prix5/18/97Savannah223R
5Gateway5/24/97Gateway International Raceway510
6Milwaukee6/1/97The Milwaukee Mile53
7Belle Isle6/8/97The Raceway on Belle Isle Park11
8Portland6/22/97Portland International Raceway43
9Toronto7/20/97Exhibition Place, Toronto12
10Grand Prix Player's de Trois-Rivieres8/3/97Circuit Trois-Rivieres31
11Vancouver8/31/97Concord Pacific Place, Vancouver62
12Laguna Seca9/7/97Laguna Seca Raceway12
13California Speedway9/27/97Auto Club Speedway39
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