Carlin's Neil Alberico Goes Behind the Lens at Indy
 May 20, 2016| 
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Carlin’s Neil Alberico had the chance to experience a different perspective of racing at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway this week, as IMS Photography’s Chris Owens showed the Indy Lights Presented by Cooper Tires driver what it takes to be a professional racing photographer. 

Owens, the Mazda Road to Indy official photographer, took Alberico to three of his favorite shooting locations around the famed Speedway: both the inside and outside of Turn Three and the starter’s stand on the main straight. Alberico, who took photography classes in school, came away from the experience with a greater appreciation of the photographer’s craft.

“It was very cool to be on the other side of the fence,” said Alberico. “We shot from outside Turn Three and it’s awesome. It feels dangerous! There was only the wall separating me and a car going 200 mph – they’re on the wall and I’m on the wall! It was hard to focus when the car was coming at you. We went to the inside of Turn Three, then to the flag stand. It was amazing watching cars going that fast right underneath you.” 

Owens helped him get started, applying the best settings for Alberico to get the result he was looking for. The duo went through Alberico’s inventory when the shooting session was over, and Owens didn’t go easy on the young driver when it came to deciding on the best shots. 

“There’s so much to it: setting up the shot, getting my body in position to track the car, focus and shoot – and hope you took a good shot of the car going across the background,” added Alberico. “Chris gave me a legit critique: he destroyed me pretty hard. In my first photo, he noted that the fence was in focus, but the car was not! Actually, I don’t think there were any cars in my first photo… 

“It was a great insight into what professional photography is really like. Chris is so good at what he does. The IMS photo staff is an awesome group of people and those guys work so hard. They’re out there taking pictures, then coming in to swap out equipment, downloading photos. It’s really hectic and they’re always super busy. “


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