Andretti Autosport Toronto Preview
 July 10, 2018| 
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Andretti Autosport Toronto Preview
No. 27 MEXICO #AWorldOfItsOwnMazda
“I haven’t been so excited for a race weekend. I love Toronto - the track, the city, the energy, everything is just great. It’s a track where I am fast and I know I’ll be good. I’m usually very strong in tight, bumpy circuits, so this weekend I’m going for it all!”
No. 98 Andretti-Steinbrenner Racing / Curb Mazda
"After another strong podium finish, I hope to continue this momentum and fight for wins this weekend. This is one of my favorite tracks on the calendar and I love the city of Toronto. I really enjoy having back to back race weekends with no down time so you can hop right back into it!”
No. 48 Journey Mazda

“I can’t wait to get on track in Toronto. It’s such a cool, unique track and it’s very challenging but also a blast to drive on. We got our podium on the street course at St. Pete, so we'll see if we can keep that going here.”
No. 28 K-Line Insulators USA

“I’m very excited for the Indy Toronto this weekend. This is my hometown race and that makes it my favorite event on the calendar outside of Indy. The track itself is a lot of fun. It’s a true street course - with many pavement transitions and lots of bumps which is always a challenge. It looks like some sections have been repaved, so I’m excited to see how those play out. We had good pace here last year so we’re looking forward to continuing with that and I’m excited to see all of the enthusiastic Toronto fans. I think this is one of the best events as far as fan engagement goes - everybody involved does a great job at putting on a great show. We have a lot going on this weekend with a new partnerships coming onboard so I’m excited to see those progress as time goes on and look for more updates on that in the upcoming days.”

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